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The system is developed according to specific context of use in factories, with advanced PDP intelligent dispatch control algorithm. It can realize the management of PDP car,traffic,dispatching,equipment running,production task,communication and automatic charging. The system can be connected to MES system, production line system, etc to build up flexible and up-to-date intelligent logistics system.


Advantages and characteristics

Safety-the vehicle routing of people driving is not known well, but the guiding route of PDP is very dear, which is more safe.
Predictable- AGV can stop automatically when running into an obstacle on the route.
Improve logistics management-intelligent control inside PDP system can help keep goods in better order, thus the workshop more tidy and neat.
Flexibility-allow to change routing schedule to the maximum.
Dispatching capacity-due to its stability, AGV system has optimized dispatching capability.
Site requirement-PDP requires much narrower roadway than traditional forklift. The flexibly running PDP can also load and discharge goods from conveyor belt and other mobile equipment

Product features

1.Realize one-to-multiple point unmanned transport
2.Automatic loading and unloading;

Technical parameters

Travel direction: Travel forward, turn left and right, diverge
Drive mode: Differential speed driving
Driving motor: DC24V DC brushless motor
Tractive capacity: About 400 kg to the maximum
Travel speed: 0-35m/min (or customized)
Turning radius: 500mm to the minimum (magnetic tape route laying radius)
Navigation accuracy: ±10mm
Work mode: 24 hours
Grade ability: 3-5 degrees
Stop accuracy: ±10cm
Charge mode: Manual charging
Scope of safety sensor: <3mf adjustable, emergency braking distance is less than 20mm
Alarm method: Sound and light alarm
Storage battery: Maintenance -free rechargeable battery, continuous discharge for more than 500 times
Safety protection: Obstacle detection sensors +mechanical anti-collision structure, dual protection