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Through on-site PC terminal, electronic display board, mobile terminal, the system shows the running status of the production line and each section; shows information on processing manufacture, quality, equipment and material supply; prompts ail abnormal information; displays high-definition video on site. The system realize transparent management of work site through various visual tools.

Advantages and characteristics

Facilitate monitoring and supervision.
Help investigation and make responsibility dear.
Improve efficiency of enterprise management.
Improve management and supervision effect.
Display and supervise manufacturing status in real time.
Visualized instruction sending and operational guidance.




The equipment including the sensor collect data and send it to cloud data center. Through analysis about intelligent manufacturing system, monitor all kinds of abnormal information automatically, send abnormal status information to the warning tool (such as, mobile message and Email) in time and inform the person related..


Advantages and characteristics 

Inform layer by layer, to ensure that everybody gets the information;

Classi1ying alarm, to handle with the related failures targeted;
Many ways of alarm, to improve the concern about the problem

Deduct the time for checking up failure, to improve the efficiency to solve problems.